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Big Wipes are a cracking Valentine's Day gift - you can never have hands too clean, your wipes destroy dirty hands. Twitter, Feb 16
Jobman Workwear

Big Wipes are a great product, would be lost without them. Twitter 23 Feb 16
Hampshire Painting & Decorating Services

If you're expecting a slow boring commute, stuck in traffic, get some BigWipes and you'll have the cleanest lovely smelling dash ever! @ThorsenJoinery, Twitter Feb 16
Thorsen Joinery

@Teej_96 Big Wipes. Life's answer to anything. Twitter, Nov 15
Brad W

Love your gel. Just used some to clean my hands and now they're well clean and smell nice.
Chris Bate, Facebook, Sep 15

I use @BigWipes to clean my bike's alloy wheels, they're amazing at pulling all the grease and brake dust of them! Btw, I'm totally not being sponsored by @BigWipes, I just really like cleaning my wheels with them! :P They're just surprisingly good at bringing my wheels up to a shine! I wouldn't use them on paintwork though, a bit too abrasive. They're just so good at cutting and lifting the crap, even eats through chain oil pretty quickly! You do get quite a lot in a tub, the tubs are HUGE, I've probably used 1/8th of a tub on both front and rear wheels.
VtwinVlogster, Twitter Sep 15

Not a lot they don't get off, I had an expanding foam disaster and they fixed it. @HomeGuardDG @bosworthglass @BigWipes @minesalargepint
Bespoke Windows (@TFSrepair), Twitter Sep 15

As someone who has suffered from skin problems in the past, I can honestly say Big Wipes don't upset my skin.
Sean Wilkinson, Twitter Sep 15

@BigWipes us @mathewedge_PH couldn't do any silicone work without them these days! They are lifesavers!
Matthew Edge, via Twitter 26/06/15

Yep i have a tub in every site kit we hand out to the guys. Just as important as the first aid kit on our sites thanks

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